Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge, Delaware Township

Lucie Lozinski

Located in Delaware Township, New Jersey, Green Sergeant’s Covered Bridge is the last one standing in the state. Not a traditional monument, it gained its recognition after being destroyed from severe flooding in the 1960s. Local residents and fans fought against the plans to put a more convenient modern bridge in its place, pushing to instead rebuild the Covered Bridge using many of its original pieces and to historicize it. It represents the past for the historical small towns of Delaware Township, offering a window into its colonial history.

Initially, the Covered Bridge’s rebuilding in the 1960s surprised me. Growing up knowing it had always been there and stood for our town’s deep roots and old-fashioned preservation, I never considered that it had not always actually stood. It seems less impressive to me now, like a replica of an antique.

Studying the bridge as a monument stimulated me to think about why Township’s residents first fought so hard against the change to a new bridge and also why we continue to celebrate and take pride in it. I feel now that we might not be much different from the ladies of the Confederate South, trying to preserve our location’s history as superior to other towns in New Jersey.


About urba0090

is an ACLS New Faculty Fellow in the American Studies and History departments at Rutgers University.
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