The Black Horse Inn

Jeffrey Chestone

Courtesy of The Black Horse Tavern Restaurant Gallery

The Monument I studied was The Black Horse Inn. The restaurant has been converted to the Black Horse Tavern and Pub, two different eateries.  It was purchased by Ebenezer Byram, the town tycoon, in 1740. The building to the right in the picture above was a home that was converted to the Inn. The structure to the right was used as a barn. Today the Inn is known as the Tavern and the Barn has been converted to the Pub. The Inn was a stop for stagecoach passengers traveling from Newark to Scranton Pennsylvania.

The Inn truly represents the history of the past and keeps that history alive. The Tavern and Pub are something that most Mendhamites adore and love. The most interesting thing that I discovered and never knew was that the town is thought to be named after the motto of the Inn. Many local historians believe that Ebenezer Byram’s saying, relating to fixing stagecoaches, “I’ll mend ‘em” led to the town’s name. This motto is still scene today on the black sign that is placed in the lower left of the picture above. I thought that information was really interesting and it sparked me to get even more excited about finding out more about the Inn and the history of the town as well.

The Tavern and Pub are still located at One Main Street, Mendham, New Jersey and can be seen clearly as anyone drives through the quaint small town of Mendham. The Inn is still doing kept well and hopefully will stay in a good condition for many years to come.

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  1. bsv131 says:

    I wonder if you might know the list of owners of the Tavern over the years, particularly the early 1800’s. I’m looking to confirm if a Elijah Vanatta owned it in the 1830’s as i found a notice in the newspapers when it was sold when he passed away as being the owner.

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