Tuckerton Railroad Coal Dump Monument

Ian Cichocki

Above is a picture of the Tuckerton Railroad Coal Dump monument located in Barnegat, NJ on Railroad Avenue. The monument was founded by an Eagle Scout Matthew Stofko as a dedication to the Barnegat Historian Mary Kennedy. It highlights an era of the dependence on railroads for transportation of goods and people, along with tourists.

I found it interesting how the monument historicizes the use of railroads, while trains are still useful today. The absence of tracks connecting to the monument exemplifies how this particular town no longer depends on railroads because it is expanding by using other methods. It’s striking to me to discover such efforts to abandon such an important facet of American History.

The location of the monument puzzled me. It is down a road taken by few people. It could be because those were the roads in the best shape, it is in the historical part of town, or it is not meant to be seen by everyone in town.

Finally, after finding the Tuckerton Railroad Coal Dump monument I set forth to try to find any other railroad monuments around my hometown. To my surprise, I found sites located in nearby towns that were all dedicated to the Tuckerton Railroad. It turns out that that railroad line had much more of an impact on South Jersey than I thought.

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is an ACLS New Faculty Fellow in the American Studies and History departments at Rutgers University.
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