Collings Knight House

Christina Canamucio

The Collings Knight House is a house in Collingswood, New Jersey, that was built by and lived in by the founding families of the town. The house was originally accompanied by a large farmland property, which was eventually divided and sold to other families. Those families and smaller properties today make up the town of Collingswood. The Collings and Knight families are two of the families that built the basis of Collingswood, New Jersey. They made Collingswood into the unique town it is today, and many of the traditions they have passed along still remain traditions today. Without the Collings Knight House and the families and stories it represents, Collingswood would not exist. The Collings Knight House is located on Collings Avenue, on the corner of Knight Park, which was donated as a safe haven for recreation by the Knight family. The home represents a unique style of construction, which is visible in very few houses still standing today.


About urba0090

is an ACLS New Faculty Fellow in the American Studies and History departments at Rutgers University.
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