Old Bridge 9/11 Memorial

Brian Mondadori

The Old Bridge 9/11 Memorial is located at: 1 Old Bridge Plaza Center, which is the location of the town’s municipal complex.  The memorial contains two seven-foot blocks of granite that are shaped to represent the Twin Towers.  Around the perimeter of the towers are 12 black granite cubes which represent 12 Old Bridge residents who were victims of 9/11.  The monument is surrounded by two gardens, which are in place to represent the extended hands of the community.  The monument stands to honor the victims, survivors, and heroes of 9/11.

I was surprised to see how frequently the monument is visited.  Visitors of the monument had recently placed various gifts upon each granite cube including: flowers, pictures, toys and flags.  Through exploring my sense of surprise, I learned that the memorial not only honors the victims of 9/11, but also reminds Old Bridge citizens about the importance of community cohesion.

About urba0090

is an ACLS New Faculty Fellow in the American Studies and History departments at Rutgers University.
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