New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Martina Valuenzuela

This monument located in Holmdel, NJ is the New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial. The Vietnam War was one of the most detrimental losses the nation had ever experienced with over 58,000 casualties and 304,000 injured, resulting in depression and disarray throughout the nation. The memorial was a way to revive the U.S. back to a unified and strong nation.

The fallen soldier represents all those who lost their lives in the war with an expression so moving showing the pain, anguish suffering of those soldiers.

The female nurse, representing the women who served in the war, is supporting and showing compassion towards the soldier. This shows how the nation really did care and try to help those fighting the war.

The final part of the statue is another soldier with a hand reaching out to the depicting all of those soldiers who returned home alive or injured. They will be there in remembrance for the soldiers and honor their courageous acts that time of war.

What struck me most about this memorial was the organization and setup of every single aspect of it. How the memorial was setup so it surrounded the oak tree in the center, giving shade to the statues beside it through the day, was extremely clever and completely put the focus   and importance in the emotions of the war. The main focus was to show the support, honor, and compassion which America had for these soldiers in a time where the nation was so divided and lost.


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is an ACLS New Faculty Fellow in the American Studies and History departments at Rutgers University.
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